With over a million views on Youtube, videos on the 6-second garage door break-in cause more than a little concern. The videos show how thieves can break in through a commonly used automatic garage door in 6 short seconds, using nothing more than a wire hanger.

Garage entrance is not just common; it is one of the criminal’s favorite ways to gain entrance into a home. Why? Someone entering a garage does not throw up the same red flags as someone breaking glass or climbing through a window. Not only do most people overlook a stranger near a garage, once the door is open, the thief quickly slips in, closes the door, and breaks into the home (or prepares to steal from the garage itself) while under complete cover.

Here are some important ways you can secure your garage:

  • Replace your garage opening system to a modern “rolling code system” that hinders duplication.
  • Keep the garage doors in good repair.
  • Use a plastic zip tie to secure the emergency latch and prevent hanger entry.
  • Cover windows so thieves cannot see garage contents or if you have an entry to the inside of the home.
  • Make sure windows have locks.
  • Reinforce side door locks with metal reinforcements.
  • Install motion detection lighting.
  • Install an alarm or video surveillance system.
  • Do not leave automatic door openers in your car.
  • Keep the door from the garage into the house locked.

Thieves count on residents neglecting to secure the garage door. Take time today to learn more about home security systems and how to prevent break-ins by calling Brinton Security today.

There is an old saying that moms have eyes on the back of their heads, suggesting they see just about everything that goes on. The truth is that moms really do wish they had extra eyes so they never missed any potential danger. Keeping children safe is a parent’s number one priority. It is a difficult job and every parent feels the weight of it. The good news is that today’s parents have an added advantage in high-tech home security tools to help them keep the kids safe and out of harm’s way.
Home surveillance cameras do more than deter crime, they act as an extra set of eyes that keep parents fully informed. Here are some practical ways to use your system to help monitor your children.

Seeing Them Home from School

Providing age appropriate freedom means that the kids may get home before you do and let themselves into the home. As much as you know they are capable, you also know that there are real dangers in the world for which there is no way to prepare. When you have home security, you can get an alert and see that your kids made it home safely.

Checking in on them When They Are Home Alone

Kids need to exercise a bit of independence and stay home alone sometimes. While they are learning to maneuver the world, you can always stay close at hand by viewing the live video feed from your smartphone or tablet.

Make Sure Chores are Done

When your teen calls you at work and asks if they can go to a friend’s house to hang out, your one request is that the chores are done first. Instead of waiting to come home to find them not done, you can check first via live video feed.

Solving Whodunit

Whenever there is a problem or dispute it is difficult to know what actually happened. By checking the recorded video, you can definitively solve the mystery and settle the arguments.

Monitoring Backyard Play

The kids are playing nicely outside but you know that it does not take much for cooperative activity to take a nasty turn and turn into the war to end all wars. By tapping in to live feed on your security cameras, you can monitor the progression of play and intervene before things get off track.

Middle of the Night Tech Busts

Your kids are having a difficult time getting up in the morning and spend the whole day dragging. They seem to go to bed at a decent hour, but are they actually sleeping? With a little video surveillance sleuthing you find that they have their phones out and are spending almost all night on social media. Problem solved.

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The home is our sanctuary, our headquarters, homebase, entertainment zone, war room, home office and more. Serving all these functions makes it a hub of activity with plenty of opportunity for a lot of little things to go wrong in a big way. When those things do go awry, those are the times you are so thankful you have a connected home.

Home automation and smart app features make getting and keeping life under control as easy as a few taps on your smartphone– so that you can rest easy. Even in these 5 stress inducing times.

Did I Lock the Door?

You drove off and started the workday when you realized that you completely forgot to lock the doors and arm the smart security system. Going back means a lot of driving and lost time at work. Not going back means risking a break-in, or worse. This is one of those moments you were so thankful to have a connected home. All you had to do was tap into your smart security app, and lock the smart locks and arm the home security system with a few stress relieving taps.

The Kids Were Home When the Carbon Monoxide Detector Went Off

The Carbon monoxide detector went off, but because it is colorless and odorless the kids disregarded the alert. Thankfully, you also got the alert and made sure the kids got out safely.

An Appliance Was Left On

Maybe it was the stove, or the curling iron, or some other appliance likely to cause a fire- but we’ve all walked away and left our home in danger at one point or another. Unfortunately, all it takes is that one time to lead to a dangerous home fire. Thankfully, having smart home technologies means that you can always verify the status of appliances and turn them off remotely.

Connected Home Sensors are Superheroes

You took your eyes off the toddler for one moment and they make a beeline for the cleaning supply closet. It’s late at night and the back door opens unexpectedly. Either way the sensors are tripped and you avert disaster.

You Really Want to Know if The Kids Are Home Safely

The kids are at that inbetween age of needing both independence and oversight. They are usually pretty good about getting home on time and giving you a call or sending a text, but this time they are a little late. You hold your breath a few more minutes when thankfully, you get an alert on your phone that they used their code to disarm the smart security system, and with a quick check of the camera feed, you know they are okay. When they do call, you’ve had a moment to collect yourself and answer the call like you weren’t worried for a moment.

Sure, there are an endless number of moments we can pick out that make us thankful for the connected home, but they can all be summed up in one way– we are just thankful for the smart tools we need to keep our family and home safe. And Here at Brinton Security Services, we are thankful to help make that happen throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Have you thought about smart video doorbells lately? Traditional doorbells have been around so long and since, until recently, there has not been an alternative to them, a lot of people have not really given doorbell systems much thought. But times are changing and so is the technology that interacts with our lives to make things better, easier, and safer. It is time to give smart doorbell cameras some serious consideration.

Traditional Doorbells are Actually Security Hazards

The front door is the most vulnerable point of security in our home. It is the intruder’s first choice in attaining access to a residence, whether they are home or not. Why? Because an intruder knows that most people will simply open the door to almost anyone for fear of being rude, or simply in being trusting and off-guard. Once the door is open, a simple push is all it takes. That is why traditional doorbells fall short. To know who is at the door, and the nature of their business you need to put yourself in close proximity to the unknown danger and open the door to address the issue. That puts you, your family, and your home at risk.

Smart Video Doorbells Add Security, And More

Nearly everything in our lives today is getting an IQ boost. We have smart thermostats, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart lighting, smart appliances, smart security and of course, smart doorbells. You likely already know how other smart devices enhance your life, and the video doorbell has that same incredible potential.

Smart HD video doorbells have the same ability to alert you that someone is at the door, but can do much more. This is because they are additionally equipped with wifi, a 1080p HD video camera, motion sensors, and two-way audio capability. The smart doorbell can be connected to a system of other smart home devices and accessed from a smartphone or other connected device. These additional features add convenience but more importantly enhance security.

Here are 6 Important Reasons You Need a Smart Doorbell

  1. You can know someone is approaching before they get close to the door. Motion sensors can trigger an alert which is sent to your phone.
  2. The video and audio components mean you can answer the door whether you are home or not and never tip off a possible intruder that no one is home.
  3. You do not have to go to the door to answer it so you never need to place yourself in close proximity to the unknown, do not need to open the door, and do not need to disrupt your routine unless necessary.
  4. If you aren’t home and the motion sensors are triggered, you can record and store video of suspicious activity.
  5. Clear HD video images let you identify the visitor easily.
  6. Infrared-equipped doorbell cameras mean you can see activity around the door even in the darkest dark.

From the front door to the backyard, Brinton Security provides comprehensive security solutions including smart video doorbells and smart camera systems as well as 24/7 monitoring services.

When you think of parenting, a million things come to your mind. Home automation may not be the first on that list, but perhaps it should be. Home automation offers a wealth of parental help and once you know, you will wonder what you ever did without it.
Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs we will ever have, but also one of the most serious and monumental. That’s why experienced parents will recommend using all of the tools available to help navigate the various stages of parenting—and one of the most effective of those tools is home automation. Here’s why.

Home Automation Helps During Infancy

Bringing home a baby is one of the most joyous times of our lives. It can also be the most terrifying. Suddenly your life is filled with a million new concerns that must be managed while completely sleep deprived. The baby has a need for comfort and consistency while the parent has the overwhelming need to know their child is okay. These needs are easily met with home automation. By using smart technologies, you can keep the room at the perfect temperature and lighting just right to ensure the comfort of the baby. Parents, too, can rest easy with the ability to check the security camera from their phone or knowing they will receive immediate alerts if the door, wind, or motion sensors are tripped.

Keeping Toddlers Safe

Home automation is like a parental superpower when it comes to raising a toddler. Toddlers have an unending curiosity and are unaware of danger. While a parent never wants to quench that curiosity and desire to discover, they do want to keep their child safe. Home automation helps keep the little ones safe by sending alerts if door or motion sensors are tripped. Now, there is no chance of secret backyard excursions or early morning escapes.

Home Automation During the School Years

The school years are a whirlwind of activity that can have you going and coming several times a day. In the midst of all the activities, it is easy to forget to do things lick lock the doors, arm the security system, or turn off the appliances. Fortunately, home automation can take care of all that and prevent a small thing from becoming a catastrophic event. Home automation can also help gently guide kids through the day with cues, such as lights on means you need to get up, and music playing means you need to have your shoes on and be ready to leave.

Inspiring Independence in the Teen and Nearly Adult Years

Teens want and need a new level of independence but also need a new level of oversight. Home automation helps bridge the gap by giving parents much needed insights without sacrificing their teen’s independence or dignity. Alerts can let parents know when the kids get home or provide access control to off limit areas.
Parents want to give their children the best life possible and home automation is one of the best tools to help make that happen. If you would like more information about home automation, give Brinton Security Services a call today.

Home security systems offer you and your loved ones peace of mind. Today’s security system is not the same as it was five years ago. Modern systems are comprised of multiple components that work together to protect your entire house.

What Makes Up a Modern Home Security System?

These components are what protect your home from intruders, fires and even flooding. While some are add-ons, others come standard with a new home security system install.

  • Panel – This is the center for your alarm system. It communicates with all of the sensors installed in your home, allows you to arm and disarm the system and is used for maintenance.
  • Door and Window Sensors – These are the most basic pieces of a home security system. They are strategically placed on your doors and windows and when the alarm is active, will set off the security system if a sensor detects an opening.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion sensors recognize heat and movement within a 25-foot range and 90-degree arc. They can supplement where door and window sensors may not reach and can help complete the coverage your system provides.
  • Surveillance Cameras These are often an added feature. They can be placed inside and outside the home for added peace of mind and they let you check-in on your home no matter where you are.
  • Panic Buttons – These are designed to arm and disarm your alarm, but if you use the panic mode, they automatically alert the authorities without calling you first.
  • Automation Controls – From turning lights on and off to securing doors and even turning off the television, home automation controls can be integrated with your home security system for added convenience.

Brinton Security can help you find the right home security system and add-ons to suit your residence. We offer free in-home estimates and can discuss the components of our latest security panels and monitoring options.

Call Brinton Security today. We can help you customize the right home security system to fit your needs and budget.