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Others can scoff all they want; we know the truth. That smart garage door is one of the most important elements in your smart home security system. That’s because the garage is more than just the place your store your car and other assorted valuables, it is also in most cases one of the most used entries into the home.

A Smart Garage Door is Step One to a Thoughtful Home

They may not get a lot of attention but smart garage doors deserve a little time in the limelight. While convenient, the smart garage door is is not purely or primarily a convenience. It’s one of the first components in making your home thoughtful, responsive, and intelligent.

Keeping Track of Goings and Comings

Whenever the garage door opens and closes, you can receive an alert through your smart phone app. If the door opens at an unexpected time, you will know that something needs your immediate attention. That is helpful to anyone, but especially someone trying to keep track of a busy family. This is even more useful when users have a unique code so that you (and your smart home) know the difference between your dog walker popping in for a few minutes and a family member’s arrival home for the day.

It Makes a Difference in Energy Consumption

When your garage door is part of a connected home, opening and closing it can trigger other smart home responses, such as turning off or on heating or air conditioning. This means no wasted energy.

Countless Connected Possibilities

Connectedness is the name of the game in today’s world and we can only expect an ever-increasing number of connected home appliances. Already, a smart garage door can be synced to the smart home hub and any activity with the door can trigger other activities such as turning on or off lights and appliances. This makes the home responsive to your needs and usage patterns.

Forget Forgetting

When others are rushing off to work and forgetting to close their garage door, you can rest easy because your love for all things geeky and connected is working in your favor. Once the system detects inactivity for the predetermined amount of time, you get an alert on your phone so you can close it remotely from the other side of the block, town, or country.

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