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The home is our sanctuary, our headquarters, homebase, entertainment zone, war room, home office and more. Serving all these functions makes it a hub of activity with plenty of opportunity for a lot of little things to go wrong in a big way. When those things do go awry, those are the times you are so thankful you have a connected home.

Home automation and smart app features make getting and keeping life under control as easy as a few taps on your smartphone– so that you can rest easy. Even in these 5 stress inducing times.

Did I Lock the Door?

You drove off and started the workday when you realized that you completely forgot to lock the doors and arm the smart security system. Going back means a lot of driving and lost time at work. Not going back means risking a break-in, or worse. This is one of those moments you were so thankful to have a connected home. All you had to do was tap into your smart security app, and lock the smart locks and arm the home security system with a few stress relieving taps.

The Kids Were Home When the Carbon Monoxide Detector Went Off

The Carbon monoxide detector went off, but because it is colorless and odorless the kids disregarded the alert. Thankfully, you also got the alert and made sure the kids got out safely.

An Appliance Was Left On

Maybe it was the stove, or the curling iron, or some other appliance likely to cause a fire- but we’ve all walked away and left our home in danger at one point or another. Unfortunately, all it takes is that one time to lead to a dangerous home fire. Thankfully, having smart home technologies means that you can always verify the status of appliances and turn them off remotely.

Connected Home Sensors are Superheroes

You took your eyes off the toddler for one moment and they make a beeline for the cleaning supply closet. It’s late at night and the back door opens unexpectedly. Either way the sensors are tripped and you avert disaster.

You Really Want to Know if The Kids Are Home Safely

The kids are at that inbetween age of needing both independence and oversight. They are usually pretty good about getting home on time and giving you a call or sending a text, but this time they are a little late. You hold your breath a few more minutes when thankfully, you get an alert on your phone that they used their code to disarm the smart security system, and with a quick check of the camera feed, you know they are okay. When they do call, you’ve had a moment to collect yourself and answer the call like you weren’t worried for a moment.

Sure, there are an endless number of moments we can pick out that make us thankful for the connected home, but they can all be summed up in one way– we are just thankful for the smart tools we need to keep our family and home safe. And Here at Brinton Security Services, we are thankful to help make that happen throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Home security systems offer you and your loved ones peace of mind. Today’s security system is not the same as it was five years ago. Modern systems are comprised of multiple components that work together to protect your entire house.

What Makes Up a Modern Home Security System?

These components are what protect your home from intruders, fires and even flooding. While some are add-ons, others come standard with a new home security system install.

  • Panel – This is the center for your alarm system. It communicates with all of the sensors installed in your home, allows you to arm and disarm the system and is used for maintenance.
  • Door and Window Sensors – These are the most basic pieces of a home security system. They are strategically placed on your doors and windows and when the alarm is active, will set off the security system if a sensor detects an opening.
  • Motion Sensors – Motion sensors recognize heat and movement within a 25-foot range and 90-degree arc. They can supplement where door and window sensors may not reach and can help complete the coverage your system provides.
  • Surveillance Cameras These are often an added feature. They can be placed inside and outside the home for added peace of mind and they let you check-in on your home no matter where you are.
  • Panic Buttons – These are designed to arm and disarm your alarm, but if you use the panic mode, they automatically alert the authorities without calling you first.
  • Automation Controls – From turning lights on and off to securing doors and even turning off the television, home automation controls can be integrated with your home security system for added convenience.

Brinton Security can help you find the right home security system and add-ons to suit your residence. We offer free in-home estimates and can discuss the components of our latest security panels and monitoring options.

Call Brinton Security today. We can help you customize the right home security system to fit your needs and budget. 

Sharing too much on your social media profiles can put your home and loved ones’ safety at risk. Even those posts and shares that seem harmless can unintentionally provide potential burglars with information they need to make you a target. So, before you post, make sure you are not putting your home at risk.

Top 6 Social Media Posts You Should Not Share

Before you make your next Tweet, post or Facebook share, consider these 6 things you should never announce on social media:

  • Countdown to Your Next Vacation – Are you doing a countdown on your social media page letting everyone know that you will be leaving soon? Doing so lets followers and potential burglars know that you will be gone for an extended period of time.
  • Checking In – Check-ins are the latest “thing” on social media, but they also tell people that you are away from your house. If you tag friends away with you, you are putting their home at risk too.
  • Property Damage – Do you have a broken window? Sharing a picture of your home on social media lets potential burglars know a potential weakness in your home’s security.
  • Layouts – Sharing photographs of the inside of your home gives burglars a preview of the valuables you have inside and gives them a potential blueprint for navigating your house.
  • Holidays – Just like sharing vacation plans, never share your holiday plans. Because burglars are on the lookout for empty houses during the holidays, you do not need to let them know you will be away.
  • RSVPs – Social media has opened the door to online invites. Unfortunately, there are people outside of your social circle that may be part of that online group. If you RSVP, a potential burglar scouting the group will know that you will be away, and they even know the exact dates and times.

Not sharing valuable information online is your first level of defense. Second is installing a home security system. Brinton Security can help you find the right home security system to keep you safe, and we offer free in-home estimates.

Call Brinton Security – the experts in home security systems today! (800) 747-9399.