From an initial consultation to the installation and ongoing monitoring of your home’s security system, you won’t find a company more dedicated to the safety of you, your family, and your home. Take a look at the nice words our customers are saying about us.

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See What Customers Have To Say About Brinton Electric Security

“Brinton Security has been incredible with getting us set up with everything and being there for us at an instant when there’s been a hiccup, which does occasionally happen with systems as complex as these…”

Jason M.

“I love our new system!!! We had our home security system installed in October of 2016, I have relatives come visit us from out of state and they stated they slept better know [sic] we had the system and felt more at ease!”

Gayle Woodruff
Shell Knob, MO

“They Have Good Service people taking care of your needs and keeping up with the latest technology. With the new DVR they put I [sic] for me it solved a lot of problems of the cameras being knocked out by lightning.”

Steve Elliot

“Excellent! Money well spent for exceptional service. We highly recommend this company!”

Donna A.
Fayetteville, AR

“I recently worked with Brinton Security on improving and refining our office network. After meeting the employees and getting to know their process I can personally say that they are committed to taking care of their customers. When you do business with a company like Brinton Security you’re not just getting great products at a great price, you’re investing in people who love their job and their customers. If you’re concerned about security, be it that of your family, your business, or any aspect of the life you’ve worked so hard to build, know that the people at Brinton Security have built their company on trust. They trust their products, they trust their work, and they trust each other. You can trust them too.”

Cody Cross
Lake St. Louis, MO