Most aging Americans expect and hope to stay in their homes their entire lives. The complexities of aging, however, can make this prospect either dangerous or impossible without some type of constant monitoring. Until recently, monitored living arrangements included having regular in-home care or some type of assisted living facility. Both of these options can be quite costly, and many people must consider when these are options and how long might they need them in order to wisely budget their finances. In many cases, employing services too soon can leave the senior priced out of other needed services later.

Home security and smart home automation technologies are changing the way Americans deal with the many aspects of aging with exciting and positive solutions.

Here are 11 ways these technologies help caregivers and their loved ones.

  • Environmental sensors can detect a fire, gas or water leaks, and alert the resident, caregivers, and emergency personnel.
  • Wearable call button devices put the senior in immediate contact with help.
  • Video surveillance of the outside of the property can show the loved one who is at the door or verify the presence of someone should they hear a noise. This can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The knowledge that loved ones can see them reduces feelings of fear and isolation.
  • Seniors can control many tasks such as turning off and on the lights and television, controlling the thermostat and locking doors from their computer, smartphone or tablet. This can reduce the incidence of falling.
  • Access to live video surveillance can provide the caregiver constant information about the health and well-being of their loved one.
  • Sensors can provide information about unusual movements, or lack of movement that could signify an emergency.
  • Sensors can indicate too much time in bed or a decrease in activity that could indicate feeling depressed or isolated.
  • Door sensors can tell the caregiver when people come and leave the home.
  • Sensors on the refrigerator can help ensure the senior is eating frequently enough.
  • Remote access to automation can allow the caregiver to turn off forgotten appliances, make sure the indoor climate is comfortable and safe, and enable forgotten locks.

How Brinton Security Can Help

When used together, smart home and security technologies can help loved ones balance the increasing need for supervision with the loved one’s need for autonomy. These affordable technologies are allowing people to stay in the home longer and lead happy and healthy lives. If you have questions about how to use home security and smart home solutions to aid in elder care, feel free to give Brinton Security a call.

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when shopping around for the best security system for your needs is to determine how many security cameras are necessary to protect your home. When choosing a home surveillance system, there are a few key factors that you should consider before making a commitment. Here is a guide to choosing the right surveillance system for your home.

Determine How Many Security Cameras are Necessary

Ideally, anyplace in your home that may tempt a criminal should be monitored by your security camera system. Four security cameras are typically sufficient to monitor a medium-sized home. You might need more cameras depending upon the layout of the interior or exterior of your home.

A high-quality security camera system can deter criminals from targeting your home, and it can also provide you with valuable evidence in the event of a crime.

Choose the Best Camera for Your Needs

There are a variety of security cameras on the market, and each offers different features. Box cameras are affordable and highly visible, which can serve to deter criminal activity. Dome cameras come in different sizes, are less intrusive, and are easy to install. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras offer a 360-degree field of view and are remote controllable. They also allow you more options for installation and security monitoring services.

Opt for Security Monitoring Services

Security monitoring services allow you or your home monitoring company to access your security camera system remotely. If you’re at work or out of town, your home automation system will let you access your home alarm system and security camera system via a smartphone or tablet. You can quickly and easily monitor and download videos, and adjust settings.

About Brinton Security

Founded in 2001, Brinton Security Services has been dedicated to providing protection for both residential and commercial settings. Although specializing in home security, we also install/service/monitor fire, gate, camera, and personal emergency response systems as well as whole house audio, home theater, home automation, and phone systems. We are proud to serve Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our aim is to “Protect What Matters!”

Fire safety is important to any type of business. Preventing fire in the workplace can prevent injury as well as costly damages to your business and property. There are precautionary steps that can be taken to minimize the chances of a fire in your workplace, such as installing a fire alarm. Continue reading to learn more about workplace fire prevention tips.

Avoid Clutter

A clean workplace is a safe workplace. If your business has hazards such as a frayed wire or a spark, clutter and debris can act as kindling that can cause a small fire to quickly spread to a large, detrimental fire. Removing excess paper by emptying recycling bins and trash regularly can reduce such risks.

A cluttered workspace can also create a fire hazard by blocking hallways or exits. Businesses should keep all walkways free of clutter, and all exits should remain unblocked.

In the event of a fire, having a clear evacuation plan is critical to the safety of employees.

Keep Smokers Away

While the days of smoking in offices are mostly long gone, it should be reiterated to not allow smoking in the workplace. Designate an outdoor smoking area that is a safe and far away from building entrances. Smoking areas should have designated receptacles for cigarette butts that safely dispose of any potential fire threat.

Have a Fire Alarm System

Just as an office would invest in a security alarm system, businesses can protect themselves from fires with a fire alarm system. If a fire were to happen outside of business hours, an alarm system would alert the authorities of a fire.

Additionally, many systems come with fire suppression features such as sprinklers. A fire alarm system should be checked regularly to ensure proper function.

About Brinton Security

Founded in 2001, Brinton Security Services has been dedicated to providing protection for both residential and commercial settings. Although specializing in home security, we also install/service/monitor fire, gate, camera, and personal emergency response systems as well as whole house audio, home theater, home automation, and phone systems. We are proud to serve Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our aim is to “Protect What Matters!”


The feasting and festivities of the New Year have now died down. Resolutions have been made and forgotten just as quickly. Some valiant folks are braving on still trying to make sure they keep their promise to themselves. Either way, whether or not you made a resolution or not this year, it’s always a good time to think about improving the safety of your home.

These safety upgrades will not only make your home safer, but could also reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Stay safe, save money!

Deciding On A New Smart Home System

Choosing which upgrades to do is easier when you set priorities based on your home’s risk, budget, and needs. Then, choose between the following upgrades for your home:

Home Automation Systems

Do you leave your home without locking the doors? Perhaps you travel a lot for work? Home automation systems do not just make life easier, they actually protect your home. You can set timers to turn lights on and off while you are away, making burglars think you are home. If you forget to lock a door, you can secure your home using a computer or mobile device, even if you are miles away.

Fire & Burglar Alarms

Protect the perimeter and interior of your home from intruders or devastating fires. A burglar and fire alarm system can be integrated as one for dual protection or you can select based on your need.

Smart HD Camera Systems

From standard surveillance to keeping an eye on children who come home from school, home video security systems give you extra peace of mind and allow you to virtually check in on your residence no matter where you are.

Smart Door Locks

This is probably the most economical upgrade you can make, and definitely a good one if you are not the original owner of the home. Also, if you have lost your keys, change your locks. If you do not have state-of-the-art deadbolts, you may want to consider upgrading the locks in your home.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Carbon monoxide is odorless and extremely deadly. While you may have smoke detectors in your home, these do not detect carbon monoxide. Invest in a few detectors and place them in bedrooms. Again, this relatively inexpensive investment could potentially save the lives of your loved ones.

About Brinton Security

Regardless of what security upgrades you choose to make, consult a home security expert first. Because every home is unique and your lifestyle determines the type of protection you need, an expert can properly assess and make suggestions that are tailored to you. Brinton Security offers free estimates and can help you identify which upgrades are most beneficial to your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!