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Assuring the safety of someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is one of the most critical concerns for caregivers. As the condition progresses, individuals with dementia experience diminished abilities that causes memory loss, dulled or changed senses, poor judgment, and a loss of the senses of time and place. The symptoms are frustrating and disheartening to the sufferer, who has no control of the condition. Unfortunately, they can also cause the individual to put themselves in danger as they attempt to accomplish tasks they were once able to do with ease.

As the individual’s needs change, the environment must also change in order to provide optimum safety and comfort. This can be especially challenging for caregivers who want their loved ones to be happy, safe and comfortable, yet do not want the environment to feel restrictive. Here are some valuable tips for providing safety without sacrificing the warmth of home.

Secure the Home with Door and Window Alarms

Door and window alarms can help secure your home and alert you if your loved one attempts to leave. Wandering is common among those with dementia, especially at night. Dementia often affects a person’s sense of time causing them to be awake at odd hours. Many instances of wandering happen while the other members of the household are sound asleep.

Do Not Use Latches

Never use latches on the outside of doors to prevent wandering. This can prevent individuals from getting out in an emergency.

Install Keypad Locks

Dementia can cause a person to forget familiar faces, even that of their closest family. This can lead them to lock family out of the house while they get mail or perform outdoor chores. Since hiding a key outside the home increases the risk of burglary, a keypad entry is a perfect home security solution.

Remove Bathroom Door Locks

Bathrooms can pose a huge risk for those suffering from the symptoms of dementia. In addition to locking themselves in either accidentally or purposefully, additional risks include accidental overdose, poisoning, or drowning. Remove the lock so you have access in an emergency.

Use Alarms to Secure Dangerous Items

Keep items such as medications, alcohol, and firearms in a locking cabinet and secured by cabinet alarms.

Install a Security System with CCTV

In the beginning stages of dementia, individuals may be able to stay home alone for short periods of time, but would benefit from a bit of supervision. Using security camera systems, or CCTV, can help you view what is going on remotely, enabling you to spot and prevent danger.

Living with Alzheimer’s means adapting to many changes. Home security products can help manage many of the challenging aspects of living with or caring for someone with forms of dementia, without making the home feel restrictive. If you have any questions about how to make your home safer for the ones you love, call Brinton Security today.