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Fake or “dummy” cameras have been around since the dawn of real security cameras. They are widely available at hardware stores and online, with the low price being a major selling point. However, fake cameras only offer a false sense of security and may cause more harm than good. In recent years, security systems have skyrocketed in demand and to no surprise, so have dummy cameras.

There are several reasons why fake cameras don’t work and shouldn’t be used around your home and/or business. When it all boils down, a fake camera provides no real security.

With crime rates rising in recent years, more Americans are taking extra precautions and security measures to protect both themselves and their families. While many are making a wise investment in a professional security system, others are choosing the perceived security route.

The Importance of Authentic Security Measures

Understandably, everyone wants to feel safe, but is it worth sacrificing actual security for one that only feels like it’s working?

Fake Cameras Provide No Evidence

No camera. No evidence.

At best, a dummy camera may deter criminal activity. Should the criminal move forward with their plan, there will be no proof of their activity. It’s also worth mentioning that just because a camera is present doesn’t mean a burglar won’t attempt a break-in. They may attempt a quick smash-and-grab and not even see the camera, or simply not care. Either way, a dummy camera will prove to be useless.

Fake Cameras Can Make Your Home a Target

Let’s say a criminal were to get away with stealing because the false cameras provide no evidence – what’s the likelihood of them striking again? Unfortunately, the chance of a repeat burglary is high. These criminals are now aware that the home is insufficiently secured and may keep a close eye on the property with the intention to strike again.

Without a professional security system, your home will remain at a higher risk. With home burglaries occurring every 25.7 seconds in the U.S. – it’s not worth taking a chance.

They are Easily Identifiable

For burglars who have some level of knowledge in security, fake cameras can be quickly spotted. If that’s not enough of a reason to avoid them, think of the many home invasion videos caught on camera. Those real cameras didn’t stop them, but they proved to be priceless in finding the culprit and charging them.

False Sense of Security = No Security

Whether installed in a home or business, fake cameras give occupants and employees a false sense of security and may fool them into believing that they are being safely monitored. This may also open up your business to potential legal risks. A victim of a crime may have felt a sense of security from a camera that they didn’t know was fake.

How Fake Cameras Can Pose a Legal Risk

In a business setting, what if employees are led to believe all the cameras are real and therefore rely on them for their security? 

For this example, let’s use a family-owned restaurant. It’s common for an employee to take out the trash at the end of the night, and though it’s in a questionably safe part of town, the employees feel at ease believing they are under surveillance. However, on one unfortunate night, an employee is the victim of a robbery while on the clock. In the pursuit of justice, they are going to want the video footage to accompany their police report. Little did they know, there is no footage, after all, the cameras are fake.

For this business owner, a lawsuit is likely on the horizon.

Make The Wise Choice. Choose a Professional Installer.

It can be concluded that a real security system is in your best interest, and it will provide actual security. After all, a professional security system is one of the best investments you can make for your overall peace of mind.

With a professional install, you can ditch the frustrating software updates and hardware issues. With 24/7 monitoring and local customer service, any problems that arise can be addressed in an instant.

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One of the first things that you’ll need to do when shopping around for the best security system for your needs is to determine how many security cameras are necessary to protect your home. When choosing a home surveillance system, there are a few key factors that you should consider before making a commitment. Here is a guide to choosing the right surveillance system for your home.

Determine How Many Security Cameras are Necessary

Ideally, anyplace in your home that may tempt a criminal should be monitored by your security camera system. Four security cameras are typically sufficient to monitor a medium-sized home. You might need more cameras depending upon the layout of the interior or exterior of your home.

A high-quality security camera system can deter criminals from targeting your home, and it can also provide you with valuable evidence in the event of a crime.

Choose the Best Camera for Your Needs

There are a variety of security cameras on the market, and each offers different features. Box cameras are affordable and highly visible, which can serve to deter criminal activity. Dome cameras come in different sizes, are less intrusive, and are easy to install. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras offer a 360-degree field of view and are remote controllable. They also allow you more options for installation and security monitoring services.

Opt for Security Monitoring Services

Security monitoring services allow you or your home monitoring company to access your security camera system remotely. If you’re at work or out of town, your home automation system will let you access your home alarm system and security camera system via a smartphone or tablet. You can quickly and easily monitor and download videos, and adjust settings.

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