6 Ways A Smart Doorbell Will Change Your Life

Have you thought about smart video doorbells lately? Traditional doorbells have been around so long and since, until recently, there has not been an alternative to them, a lot of people have not really given doorbell systems much thought. But times are changing and so is the technology that interacts with our lives to make things better, easier, and safer. It is time to give smart doorbell cameras some serious consideration.

Traditional Doorbells are Actually Security Hazards

The front door is the most vulnerable point of security in our home. It is the intruder’s first choice in attaining access to a residence, whether they are home or not. Why? Because an intruder knows that most people will simply open the door to almost anyone for fear of being rude, or simply in being trusting and off-guard. Once the door is open, a simple push is all it takes. That is why traditional doorbells fall short. To know who is at the door, and the nature of their business you need to put yourself in close proximity to the unknown danger and open the door to address the issue. That puts you, your family, and your home at risk.

Smart Video Doorbells Add Security, And More

Nearly everything in our lives today is getting an IQ boost. We have smart thermostats, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart lighting, smart appliances, smart security and of course, smart doorbells. You likely already know how other smart devices enhance your life, and the video doorbell has that same incredible potential.

Smart HD video doorbells have the same ability to alert you that someone is at the door, but can do much more. This is because they are additionally equipped with wifi, a 1080p HD video camera, motion sensors, and two-way audio capability. The smart doorbell can be connected to a system of other smart home devices and accessed from a smartphone or other connected device. These additional features add convenience but more importantly enhance security.

Here are 6 Important Reasons You Need a Smart Doorbell

  1. You can know someone is approaching before they get close to the door. Motion sensors can trigger an alert which is sent to your phone.
  2. The video and audio components mean you can answer the door whether you are home or not and never tip off a possible intruder that no one is home.
  3. You do not have to go to the door to answer it so you never need to place yourself in close proximity to the unknown, do not need to open the door, and do not need to disrupt your routine unless necessary.
  4. If you aren’t home and the motion sensors are triggered, you can record and store video of suspicious activity.
  5. Clear HD video images let you identify the visitor easily.
  6. Infrared-equipped doorbell cameras mean you can see activity around the door even in the darkest dark.

From the front door to the backyard, Brinton Security provides comprehensive security solutions including smart video doorbells and smart camera systems as well as 24/7 monitoring services.