6 Ways to Use Home Camera Systems to Monitor Your Kids

There is an old saying that moms have eyes on the back of their heads, suggesting they see just about everything that goes on. The truth is that moms really do wish they had extra eyes so they never missed any potential danger. Keeping children safe is a parent’s number one priority. It is a difficult job and every parent feels the weight of it. The good news is that today’s parents have an added advantage in high-tech home security tools to help them keep the kids safe and out of harm’s way.
Home surveillance cameras do more than deter crime, they act as an extra set of eyes that keep parents fully informed. Here are some practical ways to use your system to help monitor your children.

Seeing Them Home from School

Providing age appropriate freedom means that the kids may get home before you do and let themselves into the home. As much as you know they are capable, you also know that there are real dangers in the world for which there is no way to prepare. When you have home security, you can get an alert and see that your kids made it home safely.

Checking in on them When They Are Home Alone

Kids need to exercise a bit of independence and stay home alone sometimes. While they are learning to maneuver the world, you can always stay close at hand by viewing the live video feed from your smartphone or tablet.

Make Sure Chores are Done

When your teen calls you at work and asks if they can go to a friend’s house to hang out, your one request is that the chores are done first. Instead of waiting to come home to find them not done, you can check first via live video feed.

Solving Whodunit

Whenever there is a problem or dispute it is difficult to know what actually happened. By checking the recorded video, you can definitively solve the mystery and settle the arguments.

Monitoring Backyard Play

The kids are playing nicely outside but you know that it does not take much for cooperative activity to take a nasty turn and turn into the war to end all wars. By tapping in to live feed on your security cameras, you can monitor the progression of play and intervene before things get off track.

Middle of the Night Tech Busts

Your kids are having a difficult time getting up in the morning and spend the whole day dragging. They seem to go to bed at a decent hour, but are they actually sleeping? With a little video surveillance sleuthing you find that they have their phones out and are spending almost all night on social media. Problem solved.

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