Top Tips for Safe Moves

Depending on your point of view, moving can be either quite exciting or quite a hassle. To the burglar, however, your move is an opportunity. Burglars are opportunists and predators. And what do predators do? They look for the weakest links and pounce on it. During a move, you are busy, distracted, and probably a lot more relaxed in your approach to security.

On average, burglars take between 6 to 10 minutes to net $2,000 worth of your belongings. And that is on a normal day. When you factor in the common mistakes people make while moving, such as leaving boxes outside between trips or leaving the home wide open, the job can be a lot quicker and much more lucrative for the burglar.

Keeping your property safe needs to be at the forefront of your mind, even during a move. It is far better to be proactive and safe with simple steps than to neglect them and leave room for the potential for crime. These simple steps can help keep your belongings safe while you move.

Keep Your Security System

Keep your security system and security practices in place even as you move. A move draws a lot of attention and some of that attention could be from a potential burglar who is hanging around and evaluating the opportunity. Use your security cameras to keep an eye on the home and let others know you’ve got a steady eye on the situation.

Never Leave Your Belongings Out and Unattended

Even if it is a 15-minute trip, never leave the property until all of your belongings are either inside locked up or secure on a moving truck. It may seem like you are saving yourself a bit of time by moving the next load outside and close to transportation but you are actually making it a lot easier for a burglar to breeze by and grab your stuff.

Use Alternate Methods of Marking Boxes

Of course, it is important to know what is packed in each of the boxes, but if you list the items or label them you are also publicizing it to any potential criminal, making it easy to know which boxes to take. Even once you are at the new location, throwing away boxes with lists tells the burglar exactly what is in the house and where to look. Instead, try color coding or some other method of labeling.

Install Home a Home Security System in the New Home Before You Move In

Before you move into your new home, have a new security system in place. Include features such as home security cameras, smart locks, a video doorbell, and motion sensors to deter any criminal thinking a new resident is an easy target. Having security cameras in place is also an advantage if you are making multiple trips to move your household belongings because you can check in on the home between trips.

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