Why Hiding Your Money May Not Be as Smart as You Think

If we think we have burglary figured out, we probably have it all wrong. In our quest to protect our family, home and possessions we do all that we think is the right and smart thing to do. The problem is, we might be getting it all wrong. Here are the ways some common misconceptions might actually make your home more vulnerable, and what you can do about it.

Does Hiding Your Valuables Really Work?

If you are like most of us, you’ve probably read many articles about where to hide your valuables. You have your coin collection wrapped in foil in the freezer right next to grandma’s jewelry. You have some valuables stashed in the toilet tank, in the kid’s room, and in the cat litter container. The problem is that the burglars have read the articles, too, and knows where valuables are most likely to be found. So, in some ways you might actually be making it easier for a burglar to get the goods.

Best Bet : If you have seldom used valuables and heirlooms rather than hide them in the home, get a safety deposit box and let the bank guard them.

Nothing Really Deters a Determined Burglar, Right?

Burglars want to get valuables and do it fast without being observed and caught. To do this they want to gain entry in the fastest and easiest way possible- usually within 60 seconds and through the front door. And there must be plenty of vulnerable homes because a burglary happens about every 15 seconds somewhere in the US. Does that mean that nothing really stops them? No. It means many of us are not implementing the deterrents that do work. Here are several affordable, easy, and effective deterrents.

  • Home Security Systems. When committed thieves were polled, most said they would avoid a home with a home security system. In fact, homes without a monitored home security system are three times more likely to be burglarized than those with a home security system.
  • Use Home Automation. Since burglars want to go undetected, they choose homes that are unoccupied. By using home automation to look and sound home you make your home an unattractive target.
  • Security Camera. Install ample security cameras to cover the areas of vulnerability. Use a video doorbell for the front door and cover the back door, windows, and garage, as well as having the interior of the home covered by smart security cameras.
  • Motion Sensored Lights. Smart lighting is a big problem for burglars because not only does it expose them, they can trip an alert that goes right to your phone so you know something is not right.
  • Cars in the Driveway. If you have more than one vehicle, rotate which you use and leave one in the driveway when you are gone for the day. Doing this, and when paired with using home automation to fake occupancy, the potential burglar finds your property to be too risky.
  • Schedule Services During Most Vulnerable Hours. If you have home services such as yard care, pool cleaners, or window washers schedule their visits during the most vulnerable hours of the day, from 10am to 3pm, when most residents are away.
  • Beware of Dog Signs. Burglars pay attention to the more than average “beware of dog” signs such as ones saying things like “My dog can make it to the fence in 3 seconds. Can you?” If you do not have a big scary dog, you can use the sign and put out a dog dish to seem like you do.

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